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Connections ezine now online!

From an email. This is an online magazine. Subscription is $10/year. Some of your favourite online unschooling writers contribute :-)

I'm delighted to announce that the first issue of Connections ezine of unschooling and mindful parenting is online.

We have an amazing group of regular contributors and several great feature writers this month, covering topics from unschooling budgets to the amazing conferences held this past month in Texas and New Mexico.

I'm particularly pleased to announce the addition of an unschooling dads column by Ben Lovejoy, which promises to provide lots more unschooling insight for moms and dads.

Also exciting are the Hot Topics section that covers unschooling and mindful parenting highlights from several email lists and Rue Kream's column "Ask Rue" where she answers readers questions with the same gentleness and insight she brought to her book, Parenting a Free Child.

View the cover of Issue 1 at http://connections.organiclearning.org/ and click "Sample Issue" on the left for free access to the preview Issue 0 of Connections.
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