Michael (ftmichael) wrote in quo_vadis,


From an autodidacts' e-list I'm on:

Here is a study my colleague just sent me, sounds interesting but I just started this afternoon.


"Recent ethnographic studies of workplace practices indicate that the ways people actually work usually differ fundamentally from the ways organisations describe that work in manuals, training programs. organizational charts, and job descriptions. Nevertheless, organisations tend to rely on the latter in their attempts to understand and improve work practice. We examine one such study. We then relate its conclusions to compatible investigations of learning and of innovation to argue that conventional descriptions of jobs mask not only the ways people work, but also significant learning and innovation generated in the informal communities-of-practice in which they work. By reassessing work, learning, and innovation in the context of actual communities and actual practices, we suggest that the connections between these three become apparent. With a unified view of working, learning, and innovating, it should be possible to re-conceive of and redesign organisations to improve all three."

(The e-list is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lifelearningcommunity/ but it is not a parenting list, although some folks there are parents who are unschooling their children; it is a list for the members to discuss their own learning.)
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