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Spreading the good word

From unschooling:

Life Learning Community is an email list and learning community liam_earthsong is attempting to nurture. Here is the description:

An inter-generational learning community where autodidacts and independent learners of all ages can discuss, support, and inspire each other on our personal learning paths. The only requirement is an interest in learning consciously and with passion.

This may differ from other unschooling lists in that: 1.) We are primarily concerned with our own learning (and that of others on the list). 2.) Adult learners may have unique problems that many unschooling groups don't address. We will.


Involvement. Members who wish to take initiative in transforming this "list" into a genuine community, into something ever evolving and growing, which will better serve us all. It belongs to every one of us. Lurkers are welcome too, of course. :)

Creativity. Creative out-of-the-box ways to do / learn / accomplish anything. Using portfolios and creative approaches to getting a job you want or getting into college and making your skills and talents shine...

Writing and Sharing Learning Plans. While we understand that some of the best learning is spontaneous and we value that, we also believe that setting concrete goals -- even the act of writing them down -- can be empowering and fun.

Mentorship. Take on the role of mentor in some capacity for another member(s) of the community. We have the resources to help each other succeed. Mentorship relationships may be formally integrated into the community at a later date.

Collaboration. Taking an active part in each other's learning. We can help each other figure out what we most want to learn, and how, and then come up with a plan for doing it. We can collaborate with each other on projects as small as reading or discussing a book of mutual interest, or as large as anything we can imagine!

A Gift Economy. Give freely to community members and receive gladly. What you give is up to you... but give. :)

To be approved: share something a spammer wouldn't. :)
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