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New unschooling E-zine!

From an E-mail.

I'd like to announce the exciting new online publication of *Connections — ezine of unschooling and mindful parenting*, a monthly online magazine dedicated to keeping readers thoughtfully informed about topics relevant to unschoolers of all ages.

Created by unschoolers for unschoolers, the zine will feature regular contributions by unschooling advocates Ren Allen, Danielle Conger, Sandra Dodd, Deb Lewis, Kelly Lovejoy and others; columns by Anne Ohman and Rue Kream, author of Parenting A Free Child; as well as an unschooling kids' section, "Mouth Off," showcasing the thoughts, writing and talents of unschoolers themselves.

Connections will offer two feature articles each month in addition to the regular contributions; monthly reviews of books, resources and websites; coverage of unschooling e-list "hot topics"; "Virtual Visits" and "Inspiration Station" for interesting ideas; and a "Snapshots" gallery of unschooling in action.

The entire contents of *Connections, Issue 0*, along with the amazing photography of Jessie Fields in our premier "Snapshots," is now available free online at http://connections.organiclearning.org/

Please feel free to pass this announcement along to other unschooling/homeschooling groups.

Hope you enjoy!
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